there are signs that a woman has when it comes to her feelings. some just hide it so well on a

date. reading between the lines and getting it wrong can give do much shame and humiliation to

a guy. the best that a person can do is to stay smart when it comes to dating and slow to assume

anything. some girls might think give away vibes that she is in to a guy but just end up being

kind. assuming too fast can get a man in trouble very fast. the more that he assumed wrong the

more that it can mess up the chance of him having an alright life at the end with someone. There

is a lot of advantage of knowing if a girl is really interested because a guy does not have to?

spend too much time to please her when he knows already that it is going to be a list cause. some

women like to flirt a lot and that might cause someone to think that she is interested. but

at the end of the day she may be playing games. women can easily okay games and make things

more complicated. getting the things wrong can lead to a lot of heart ache and humiliation.

at the end of the day when a guy goes out in a date without expecting too much it can be the

energy that a lady has. dates can make a woman feel pressured to like a guy. and giving her an

easy vibe and keeping her know that she is still in control is one of the new feeling that could be

very effective in having a great partner at the end of the day. taking the wrong steps because

a guy assumed that she is in to him can bring a had reaction and just end up rejecting the guy in

the spot. it pays to stop judging to easily and have an idea what a woman really is feeling. the

feeling of a lady when he is in to a guy is unique. she may be silent and nervous. but deep inside

there is an ocean of love and emotions that she feels for the guy. time can always tell what she is

feeling. sometimes when it is taking too long for a lady to like a guy. that just means that it may

not be worth all of the effort. something is very important and incredible in falling in love. it’s

hard to give the wrong kind of prediction when it comes to time passing. the moment when a lady

is prepared to admit her feelings might never come. it is his job to take care of it and make her

feel like she do not have to say it. it is a level of greatness to always know what she is feeling

and not willing to step over the line in making her feel like she is the one person that is right.