While there are many top quality and highly qualified plastic surgeons across Colorado, finding the best plastic surgeon for you is also about establishing a strong personal connection with your plastic surgeon. Aside from feeling comfortable with your chosen surgeon’s aesthetic style, here are a few things to think about when seeking out a new one:

During Your Consultation: Although you may feel more comfortable with a new cosmetic surgeon after the initial consultation, the results of a good initial meeting can be reflected in your second visit. It is important that the plastic surgeon you choose listens attentively to your concerns, questions, and desires to have the procedure done properly.

During Your Physical Exam: It is common for patients to feel uncomfortable about the physical examination part of their visit, but it is an essential part of your entire plastic surgery process. By the end of this portion, you will have learned a lot about your condition and the procedure that will best fix the problem. Be sure that your surgeon gives you thorough, accurate, and complete information about the procedure. This way, you can make an informed decision about the plastic surgery, regardless of what you see during the initial consultation.

After Your Consultation: Since your doctor is already familiar with your medical history, he or she will know what to expect during post-operative care. Discuss your expectations for the entire surgery process with your doctor and ask questions. He or she can also help you decide which type of surgical equipment is best suited for your specific procedure.

Postop: Many patients choose to go through the post with a qualified plastic surgeon. This includes recovery time after the surgery, the time before the operation, and the postoperative period before the operation. A qualified surgeon can guide you throughout your recovery process and give you valuable information and guidelines on how you can maximize your recovery and reduce your risks during the recovery period.

Finding the best plastic surgeon in Denver requires careful consideration of your health history and your expectations for the procedure itself. While there are many options for cosmetic procedures, your plastic surgery doctor will know which ones will suit you best. And which are appropriate for your age, stage of recovery, and preferences. So the next time you are considering cosmetic surgery, make sure you choose your surgeon with confidence!