Food insecurity has long been an issue not only in the United States but also in other impoverished nations around the world. And sadly enough, the number of families who need food has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is why non-profit organizations like Second Harvest of the Greater Valley exist to address the hunger problem by feeding the less fortunate on a daily basis. And they need your support to help feed these people by volunteering a fraction of your time for a good cause.

Clearly, volunteering matters. So we invite you to continue reading as we are going to give reasons to the question of ‘Why volunteer at a food bank?’ in today’s entry.

1. Gives The Opportunity To Change People’s Lives

Whether you’re re-packing food supplies inside a warehouse or distributing meals to malnourished children, you are already making a positive impact on other people’s lives. And your small act of kindness is more than enough to give them hope so they can face another day with a newfound sense of optimism.

You may just be allotting a couple of hours volunteering, but the change you inspired to others will be carried on to the rest of their lives.

2. Raising Awareness To Others To Give Back

When you become a food bank volunteer, you are also raising awareness to your family, friends, neighbors, and other people to do their share giving back to your community by becoming a volunteer themselves. And as a result, you are influencing others to do something good that can benefit them and others at the same time.

Moreover, encouraging others to volunteers also allows them to ‘pay it forward’ and give the kindness they have once received to others.

3. Sets Your Mind Into Perspective

Lending your time to distribute food to the needy helps you gain perspective of your current situation. In short, you’ll realize that you’re still blessed because there are people who are going through tougher times than you. And because of this, you’ll feel more thankful and appreciative for having the things you have today despite the ongoing health pandemic.

In the same way, you’ll also realize that you actually have more free time and it would be better to spend these hours doing more fulfilling things like volunteering at your community food pantry.

4. Build Stronger Friendships

Helping others produces positive vibes, which will rub on to your peers and creating strong and lasting friendships in the process. In short, being a volunteer at the local food bank helps create genuine friendships which can last a lifetime.

5. Gives A Feeling Of Confidence And Satisfaction

And lastly, being a volunteer at the local food bank makes you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. In fact, studies show doing good deeds to others can trigger your brain’s mesolimbic system, which is responsible for rewarding feelings or the “helper’s high” as psychologists would call it.

Apart from that, volunteering promotes better self-esteem and improved well-being – which helps you to be more confident in yourself and in dealing with others and turn you into a better person overall.