Social company (division of labor) is a significant influence on social actions and is the web link in between humanity reacting to environmental conditions (all-natural, demographic, financial, cultural), and obvious social behavior patterns; as well as awareness.

Durkheim saw social organization as a feedback to population growth and also various other chances or difficulties such as competition with other individuals for limited resources, avoiding invasions, and so on

. Social organization identified population density; and specifically strength of interaction which figured out social combination: social solidarity and shared values and also standards.

Social assimilation problems collective or mass awareness, as well as endemic, epidemic, or bubbly actions patters; with all three variables defined as typical selfless, egoistic, anomic, or fatalistic, e.g., egoistic social interaction brings about egoistic consciousness, which could cause egoistic suicide.

Durkheim insisted that “social truths” such as suicide rates are explained by “social realities” such as the division of labor and ethnic background. In contrast to self-destruction prices being clarified by private psychology alone.