It’s not a secret that relationships have their difficulties. While some couples always seem to be adoring towards one another, others fight about the silliest things. The important thing is that you and your partner are able to bounce back from those problems as they arise.  

However, if you feel like your relationship is having more than a few problems, it may be time to seek out couple therapy. In order to determine whether or not you should go to couple therapy, here are some signs that indicate it’s time for help

You’ve been fighting about the same thing over and over again.

If you’re having the same fight, over and over again, it’s time to go to couple therapy. This is because you are both unable to resolve the issue. Instead of truly communicating about your feelings or discussing what could be done differently in the future, you simply plan another argument during which one person’s voice will be louder than the other. And since that’s not a productive way to communicate, it may be time for someone else to step in and help you both figure out how to resolve your issues.

One person won’t even try to change their negative behaviors.

If one of you is aware of an issue in your relationship but is unwilling to even attempt to change it, it may be time for couple therapy. In order for the therapy to work, both people need to participate and that means one person can’t just sit back and watch while the other tries to improve their relationship. Instead, this person should join in with trying out new behaviors, as well. Even if they are not used to the behavior, it could save your relationship.

You are feeling distant from your partner or vice versa.

If you feel trapped in a relationship with someone that you do not enjoy being around anymore, then it may be time for couple therapy. It’s important to remember that you are in the relationship because you care about this person. So, if you cannot even talk to them anymore or find it difficult to interact with them, it may be time for outside help.

Trust has been broken.

If trust has been broken within your relationship, it’s important that you address this issue before things escalate. This means that you should not keep secrets from one another, tell half-truths or allow your partner to bully you into doing things that you do not want to do. By allowing your partner to treat you this way, not only are they violating the trust within the relationship, but it’s also damaging the love that was there in the first place. So, if you find yourself unable to “trust but verify” or even build a wall between your partner and all of your secrets, it’s time to go to couple therapy.

You are feeling emotionally disconnected from one another.

If you feel like there is a significant emotional disconnect between you and your partner, it may be time to seek out couple therapy. Even if you do not feel like there is anything wrong right now, when you have a significant emotional disconnect from your spouse, the love in your relationship will begin to fade over time. So, since this is such an important issue and rather easy to fix with some outside help, couple therapy may be your best bet.


By using these signs as a guide to determine if you need couple therapy, you can work towards saving your relationship before it is too late. Besides, instead of going in person, online therapy apps are also definitely a good way for couples to solve their problems. Remember that doing so takes effort on both of your parts and that the therapist will be able to provide some guidance along the way.