There’s a lot of reasons why many people choose to be single than being committed. One thing about being single is freedom. We all want to be in ourselves and do what we want in life. Being single give that freedom to us. Being in a relationship makes no sense sometimes, some couples have rules to follow in order to continue the romance. Many people have to change its attitude for the sake of his or her partner. And we don’t want that, sometimes it feels terrible being with someone that blocks everything you wanted in life. All you need is someone that supports and helps you build your life but sometimes it won’t happened.

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As they said you can’t serve two gods in one time, on the other hand, it’s impossible to be happy in both relationship and in your own happiness. Being in love, you stop thinking about yourself, what you want is to give everything to the person. Being committed sometimes won’t make you happy. It sometimes makes you feel bad because you can’t do whatever you like in life. Sometimes, your partner will restrict you to do that kind of thing even if you wanted it really bad.

Perhaps, that is why some people choose to stay single to live the life they always wanted. They want to find themselves and have a great life. Being single gives you a kind of pleasure that you can’t find with somebody else. It gives you peace of mine and joy.

Many people now marrying late because they don’t want to be stuck in a life where it could be choking them with responsibilities. They just want to spend a great time with what they love without any obligations at all. Being on your own makes you see what’s lacking in yourselves and stop finding that to other people. You’ve got to deal life with your own without obligations. I feel like being with someone does not make you any better. I feel like being single brings you to another milestone and that’s what other people think about

Choosing being single does not affect you being a person and it does not define you. It’s okay being out of place and being alone in your groups. It’s okay as long as your inner soul is filled with joy. You can be happy without a partner and it’s another kind of happiness. You can travel on your own, go and love yourself more. Many people choose to be single because they want to build themselves, a career so that when the time comes, they will be successful and there is no turning back. There is no need to find joy being with another person’s hand. It’s okay to stay single and be on your own for now

Being single is not a sin, and it does not make you less as a person. Many people have been successful now a days and still married.

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